Demo #2 - 28​​/​​01​​/​​17 (#2)

by Mother Nature versus Father Time

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This demo EP was recorded live in Room 7 at Eiger Studios, Leeds, 28/1/17. All the songs were played on the fly at our first jam together, nothing prepared beforehand, just jammed out to see what would happen, recorded into a phone. Tweaked a little, vocals and noise pieces made afterwards at home.


released February 4, 2017

Paul - Bass, vocals, noise
Russ - Drums



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Mother Nature versus Father Time Leeds, UK

Demo 1/2/3 - Paul & Russ
Demo 4/5/6 - Paul & Dan

Gigs - 15/7 Nottingham tba, 26/7 Leeds tba, 3/9 Manchester

Many recordings / styles / different members. Please get in touch about gigs...
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Track Name: Deeply Rooted Acridity
See the filth, bubble away in their cesspit homes
Scratty fucks without a clue; Please disappear

Disappear. Fuck right off. Kill yourself. Do it now.....

Breeding spawn just like themselves; Illiterate and useless
Wasters, cunts and reprobates; Just fucking die

Disappear. Fuck right off. Kill yourself. Do it now.....
Disappear. Fuck right off. Kill yourself. Do it now.....

I shouldn't waste my time with them
I shouldn't even care
but it fuels my anger and passion too
so at least they're good for something

Still, wrap them up and kick them down and set them on fire

Four decades of hating the scum and now this is my time
to scream and baul and shout and hate with all this bile of mine

Bin them in a vat of acid; Rejoice as they expire.
Track Name: What A Difference A Word Makes
My hate, my despair, my pure misanthropy;
It is not without foundation
The human race is a joke
It can't look after anything.
The planet is fucked.

It can't vote right.
Look at the cunts in power everywhere.
It can't do anything right.
Fuck war and religion.

Humans are inherently selfish cunts.
The world is crumbling in on itself.
There should be no borders.
Famine, species dying out, overpopulation,
animal and people abuse.
It could have been avoided.

You all fucked it up.

There should have been no 'race'.
There will be no winners.
It should have been the human collective.

You all fucked it up.

The world is crumbling in on itself.
Track Name: Howling Winds, Harrowing Screams, Dancing Demons, Desolate Scenes
Carved and hung, put to death
My days are done.

Circled by laughing demons
Helpless crying angels
Death stands above me - It's about time
Suffer one last journey.

Ritual gathering.
Flesh on fire, suffocates.

Melting pots. Broken minds.
Arms outstretched for salvation.

Salvation never came
In eternal pain. Life as me.